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Advanced Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Material Using Nano-composite as Filler

The proven product performance and existing manufacturing platform have allowed PCB materials entry into the realm of chip packaging. However, traditional PCB materials are expected to fall short of the advancing performance requirements. Consequently, new high-performance materials must be considered and evaluated for their mechanical attributes and thermal properties. R&D methodology Recently, the investigator studied the feasibility of synthesizing PCB material with nano-composite in laboratory scale and the results are promising. However, it is also found that heavy agglomeration of AIN nano-particles were evident. Amount of gas pores in the polymer matrix was also found. The AIN/polymer interface remains to be studied. Therefore, while synthesizing with nano-composite is promising in producing high-performance PCBs, in-depth study and characterization of this material have to be carried out for its better development. This project aims to address the material synthesis, processing and characterization aspects of an aluminum nitride (AIN) / polyimide (PI) nano-composite, along with a systematic investigation of the de-agglomeration mechanism of AIN nano-particles during the processing. Project impact and benefits Hong Kong PCB manufacturers now want to have a more in-depth understanding on PCB material performance so as to accommodate a larger manufacturing process window. Some manufacturers even start a new business of operating PCB material synthesis facilities in Mainland China to better control the quality and reliability of the material. Thus, this project no doubt helps these manufacturers to elevate sharply the technical capabilities of their PCB material fabrication, to develop their own brand of material in the long run, and to broaden the knowledge and understandings in advanced PCB materials for the overall PCB and Electronic industries. Deliverable(s) Launch a research and development programme on Advanced PCB material fabrication for PCB and substrate industries. Promote and transfer know-hows on PCB material technologies to the PCB industry. Develop advanced PCB material fabrication techniques for PCB and substrate industries. Launch consultancy services on PCB material performance and reliability. Conduct training workshops and seminars in advanced PCB material fabrication technologies. Provide tendered service to local shops to fabricate PCB material prototypes using advanced technique. Set up a technical database and information link to support Hong Kong PCB and substrate industries with latest information on advanced materials.

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